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The Environmental Policy and Culture Program encourages an interdisciplinary approach because of the nature of environmental problems as they relate to policy, economic, social, and scientific study. We offer an array of courses in CAESAR under Environmental Policy and Culture using the prefix ENVR_POL. These courses cover key areas of inquiry including international environmental politics, global climate change from a policy and culture perspective, and the interface between the business sector and the government with regard to environmental issues. The EPC program offers Special Topics and Seminars courses, the topics of which may change each year:

Department Course # Course Name
ENVR_POL 390 Special Topics in Environmental Policy and Culture
ENVR_POL 394 Professional Linkage Seminar
ENVR_POL 395 Special Topics Seminar

Students declaring a minor in EPC can pre-register for ENVR_POL courses.

In addition, students can choose from a pre-approved list of courses offered in other departments. Every year, we list all the courses available for credit under Current Courses. This list may include new courses that have been added in different departments and therefore is the most updated list of courses for the current academic year.

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