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Courses by Topic

Courses in Culture

Department Course # Course Name
ENGLISH 378 Literature and the Environment
ENVR_POL 261 American Religion, Ecology, and Culture (same as REL 261)
ENVR_POL 309 American Environmental History (also HIST 309)
ENVR_POL 336 Climate Change, Policy and Society (also SOCIO 336)
ENVR_POL 340 Global Environments and World History (also HIST 376)
HISTORY 255 African Civilization and Culture: Earliest Times to 1600
HISTORY 300-xx The Evolution of Chicago
HISTORY 322-xx Development of the Modern American City, to 1870 and 1870-Present
PHIL 268 Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 270 Climate Change and Sustainability (also ISEN 230)
RELIGION 260 Native American Religions
RELIGION 369 Special Topics: Religion, Community and Eco-Justice

Courses in Policy

Department Course # Course Name
ANTHRO 312 Human Population Biology
ANTHRO 383 Environmental Anthropology
ENVR_POL 211 Food and Society: An Introduction (same as SOC 211)
ENVR_POL 212 Environment and Society (same as SOC 212)
ENVR_POL 309 American Environmental History (also HIST 309)
ENVR_POL 311 Food, Politics and Society (same as SOC 311)
ENVR_POL 312 Social Basis of Environmental Change (same as SOC 312)
ENVR_POL 332 Native Americans and Environmental Politics (same as PSYCH 332)
ENVR_POL 336 Climate Change, Policy and Society (also SOCIO 336)
ENVR_POL 390 Special Topics in Environmental Policy and Culture:
- International Environmental Politics
- U.S. Environmental Law and Policy
- Politics and Nature in Comparative Perspective
- Conservation Psychology
- Conservation in a Changing World: Humans and Animal Behavior
- Environmental Justice
- Cultural Resource Management and Environmental Policy
ENVR_POL 394 Professional Linkage Seminar in Environmental Policy:
- Environmental Law and Policy of the Great Lakes
- Government, Business and the Environment
- Exporting Environmental Policy
- Policy and Science of Environmental Restoration
- Climate Change: An Emerging Public Health Challenge
- Chicago Region Ecosystem Conservation
- International Environmental Organizations
- China's Environment, Development and Culture
ENVR_POL 395 Special Topics Seminar in Environmental Policy:
- Global Climate Change: Policy and Society
- Civic Participation and the Environment
- Climate and Public Health
ENVR_POL 397 Environmental Field School (Summer, two credits)
ENVR_POL 399 Independent Study in Environmental Policy and Culture
ENVR_SCI 390 Special Topics
ECON 370 Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
ECON 372 Environmental Economics
ECON 373 Natural Resource Economics
GEOG 211 World Biogeography
GEOG 240 Economic Geography
GEOG 312 Chicago and Its Region
GEOG 313 North America
GEOG 328 Human Use of the Earth
GEOG 343 Geographic Information Systems
ISEN 210 Introduction to Sustainability
ISEN 220 Introduction to Energy Systems
ISEN 230 Climate Change and Sustainability
POLI_SCI 329 U.S. Environmental Politics
POLI_SCI 349 International Environmental Politics

Courses in the Natural Sciences

Department Course # Course Name
BIOL_SCI 103 Diversity of Life
BIOL_SCI 104 Plant-People Interactions
BIOL_SCI 109 The Nature of Plants
BIOL_SCI 313 Quantitative Methods for Ecology & Conservation
BIOL_SCI 332 Conservation Genetics
BIOL_SCI 334 Soils and the Environment
BIOL_SCI 335 Fundamentals of Plant Biology and Conservation
BIOL_SCI 336 Spring Flora
BIOL_SCI 346 Field Ecology
BIOL_SCI 347 Conservation Biology
BIOL_SCI 349 Plant Community Biology
BIOL_SCI 350 Plant Evolution & Diversity
CIV_ENV 368 Sustainability: Issues and Actions Near and Far
EARTH 105 Climate Catastrophes in Earth History
EARTH 106 The Ocean, the Atmosphere, and Our Climate
EARTH 201 Earth Systems Revealed
EARTH 203 Earth System History
EARTH 342 Topics in Energy and Climate Change
ENVR_SCI 201 Earth, A Habitable Planet
ENVR_SCI 202 The Health of the Biosphere
ENVR_SCI 203 Energy and the Environment
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