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Generations of Environmental Justice

Generations of Environmental Justice is an all-night Earth Day “teach-out” hosting a variety of presentations and workshops from individuals and organizations at the heart of the current environmental justice movement. All are invited to join, participate, and lend their own lived experience and perspective to this effort. 

Action is a core focus of the night. Inspired by Project Survival, a precursor event to the original Earth Day organized by Northwestern students in January 1970, Generations of Environmental Justice will serve as a catalyst for action on dire matters of the climate crisis, with a specific focus on community-based projects that we collectively identify as moving us towards our visions of a transformed world.

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Workshops and Presentations with Doug Kiel, Patty Loew, Nina Simons, Lyla June Johnston, Keala Uchoa, Divest McGill, Jasmine Jones, West End Garden Club, Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization, Melanie West, Kelli-Ann Alcott, Valerie Kahan, Ricardo Levins Morales, Warren Muir, Robinson Markus, Leslie Shad, Georgie Nakima, Jessy Bradish, In Our Nature, Wild Roots, NU Dissenters, Fossil Free NU, Lucy London, Jack Jordan, Zachary Brown, Eric Budzynski, Rachel Rosner, Lily Aaron, Heather Menefee, Melissa Rosenzweig, Keith Woodhouse, Kim Suiseeya, Abigail Foerstner, and Elham Hoominfar.

And music from Moyana Olivia, Debbie Marie Brown, MaMuse, and more!!

All are invited; come when you can, leave when you need to! Bring a notebook, a cozy blanket, and a friend, and get ready to buckle down and turn the greatest crisis of our times into an opportunity for radical transformation. Check out our Instagram @nu_generationsofej, Facebook here, and RSVP here!