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First-Year Focus

Both the adjunct major and the minor in Environmental Policy and Culture (EPC) is open to all Northwestern students. Once a student declares the adjunct major or minor, they can pre-register for ENVR_POL courses. Students can declare before taking EPC courses or can take EPC courses before declaring. Read more about declaring an adjunct major or minor in EPC in Advising.

What is Environmental Policy and Culture?

Environmental Policy and Culture focuses on the human interaction with the environment. This includes the creation and enforcement of environmental regulations and agreements, energy policy, and how different cultures adapt to and view their natural environments.

Getting starteD

EPC Students take courses offered in the program (listed as ENVR_POL) and other programs or departments, from the list of approved courses. Students should start with two courses from the list of approved overview/survey courses, and continue with courses and seminars, from the list of approved advanced/elective courses. EPC minors also take one natural science course.

For more information see Courses.

Extracurricular Activities

There are many clubs and activities outside of the classroom where students can meet other students who are interested in environmental issues. You can find a list of sustainability-focused student organizations on campus here, and attendance at EPC-related lectures and events is encouraged.

Recommended courses for freshmen (approved for the minor)

Department Course # Course Name
BIOL_SCI 103 Diversity of Life
BIOL_SCI 104 Plant-People Interactions
BIOL_SCI 109 The Nature of Plants
EARTH 106 The Ocean, the Atmosphere and Our Climate
EARTH 107 Our Dynamic Planet
EARTH 201 Earth Systems Revealed
EARTH 203 Earth System History
ENVR_SCI 201 Earth, a Habitable Planet
ENVR_SCI 202 The Health of the Biosphere
GEOG 211 World Biogeography
ISEN 210 Introduction to Sustainability: Challenges and Solutions
ISEN 220 Introduction to Energy Systems for the 21st Century
ISEN 230 Climate Change and Sustainability: Economic and Ethical Dimensions
PHIL 268 Ethics and the Environment
RELIGION 260 Native American Religions
RELIGION 261 American Religion, Ecology and Culture
SOCIOLOGY 212 Environment and Society

Still have questions about the program and what classes to take your first year? Email Melissa Rosenzweig, Environmental Policy and Culture Director of Undergraduate Studies.